Live Play Versus an Online Casino

The gambling industry has changes a great deal in the past 20 years, today you can play your favorite slots from the comfort of your home.  Playing slots at an online casino is pretty similar to playing in a casino except the former is played online.  You will find that online casinos are just as entertaining and challenging as the brick and mortar casinos.  You will find gamblers who prefer the live experience and others who prefer the online version.  So how does live play versus an online casino stack up?

Live Play Versus an Online Casino

Live Slots

A live slot machine is coin operated and is made of 3-5 reels and once you put in a coin and pull the lever the reels start spinning.  Although most nowadays are digital and you can insert your credit card and push a button.  Once the reels have stopped spinning the machine determines whether you have won or lost based on the patterns that you see on the screen.  Live slot machines are limited but that doesn’t mean that a traditional casino isn’t a ton of fun.  Here is a closer look at how a live slot machine works.

Online Slots

Playing slots online gives players the chance to play any number of different slot games.  There are an unlimited number of slot games to be found in online casinos.  You can play the traditional 3 reel machine to the more sophisticates multi-line slots.  There are progressive slots that offer bonus rounds and you have a number of games that you can choose from.  One of the best perks of playing in an online casino is that there are thousands of other players and that helps drive up the jackpot to some pretty incredible amounts.

Playing online slots is super easy, all that you need is a computer or tablet and a reliable internet connection.  You can access the casino’s website from anywhere and play your favorite games.  In reality it is more convenient and affordable to play at an online casino than it is to travel to a live casino and play the slots there.

Where Should You Play

The decision on whether to play slots in an online casino or to play online instead will be determined by a bunch of different things.  First, you can play an online casino from anywhere so if you don’t have a live casino nearby that may be your only option.  The other factor will of course be your own personal preferences, do you prefer the social aspect of the casino or the comfort of your own home.  Either way both options can be a ton of fun.

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